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  • The old cellar
    Direct selling point

    The old cellar, the origin where wine began to be made in our family, is located in the old town center of Santa Maria del Camí. It is a small winery or cellar, built in the XVIII century and modernized over time. Here where you can buy our wines. Since 2005 we have produced bottled wines with the Binissalem DO, but in our store you can also buy, like always, bulk wine. We maintain an ancestral tradition, from our beginnings in 1937, when people came with their own bottles to buy wine. Grandma Maria Sureda remembers that it was common for people to go with containers of up 16 liters: “Everyone brought bottles of two, three, four, eight and sixteen liters! There was a man from Petra who came and took six sixteen-liter bottles every fifteen days! He had a coffee bar. Foreign people came, and if I had some other products, like tomatoes, groceries and some plum or things, they bought it.”

  • Bodega

    El negocio familiar ha continuado desde 1937 y ha pasado ya por cuatro generaciones. Evidentemente, hemos tenido que hacer algunos cambios y el más importante lo llevó a cabo Sebastià Pastor Sureda, cuando el año 2000 decidió construir una nueva bodega donde elaborar el vino a las afueras del pueblo, con más espacio y mejores infraestructuras. En la nueva bodega disponemos de materiales que nos permiten elaborar y envejecer los vinos con mucha más calidad, también podemos hacer más variedades diferentes, disponemos de un laboratorio de análisis químico, y embotellamos nuestros propios productos.